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Crown Hardware

Manufacturing finest Architectural And Bespoke Hardware

Premium Quality Antique Custom Cabinet, Window and Door Hardware now just a click away

We at Crown Hardware pride ourselves in offering world class antique custom gate, door and cabinet hardware all over the world. We have clients coming from various parts of the world who visit our website for their regular and special needs of hardware products such as custom cabinet hardware, custom cabinet hardware pulls, custom door hardware, custom door knockers, custom floor registers, custom gate hardware etc.

Whether we're asked to replicate a design to match the original as closely as possible or to design and manufacture a new item to an exact specification, our knowledge and experience of manufacturing high quality bespoke fittings using lost wax process or traditional sand casting is unparalleled. Our products can be produced in a wide variety of finishes, to perfectly simulate or match aged patina or the period and feel of the buildings and location in which they are to be fitted.

Our products have earned worldwide fame and recognition because of their premium quality and durability. Also our designs have been able to attract customers across the globe. Our designers walk the extra mile to make the designs far more unique and eye catching. Antique designs have always been able to make those eyes turn towards the neglected parts of your house. So if you are planning to furnish or renovate your house, custom hardware provided by Crown Hardware is always a great option.

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