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Crown Hardware

Manufacturing finest Architectural And Bespoke Hardware


Crown Hardware is a family-run business that continues a long-lasting tradition of handcrafting and hand-finishing the highest quality architectural hardware.

Crown Hardware was established under the guidance of Swaroop Group and we have a long and distinguished family heritage. We're based in Aligarh, in the the historic heart of the Indian lock and hardware industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of Indian manufactured products, all of which are made by hand by our highly experienced workforce. By combining traditional skills with modern manufacturing techniques, our craftsmen produce quality fittings that are built to stand the test of time.

Because each item is traditionally made and finished by hand, it is truly unique. And every item is individually quality checked at the end of our authentic manufacturing process - it doesn't leave our factory until we're totally happy with the smoothness of movement or the final finish.

We design all our own products in-house and are constantly inspired by the vast collection of original patterns and dies that have been kept within our founder's family for generations. At Crown Hardware, we pride ourselves on the level of care and unparalleled attention to detail involved in making tomorrow's antiques - our long-lasting tradition.

Over the course of almost 25 years, we as a group have acquired an unrivaled reputation for excellence. This is built on our quality craftsmanship, our ability to design and manufacture products to the very highest standards and our dedicated customer service. Today, Crown Hardware produces some of the most desirable door and window fittings available anywhere.


We're always looking at ways to continually evolve and expand our product collections and add to our already exceptional range of finishes.

This often involves dipping into our collection of patterns and dies that have been kept within our family-run business for generations; here, we find a great source of inspiration and ideas.

Quick turnaround capabilities
At Crown Hardware, we constantly monitor and review stock levels to ensure that supplies of our most popular items are always available.

This modern-day approach to the management of our traditional manufacturing environment enables us to react quickly to enquiries from and orders placed by our customers. It means that we can continue to supply the highest quality products in the shortest possible lead times.

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